I am a third year PhD student at Queen Mary University of London. I work on the syntactic status of adpositions across languages and I am supervised by David Adger and Hagit Borer. In September 2017, I completed my MA in Comparative Syntax and Semantics at the University of York.



My research interests include minimalist syntax, morphology, and formal semantics, from a crosslinguistic perspective.

Besides adpositions, the topic of my PhD research, I have so far been particularly (but not exclusively!) interested in:

– the syntax and semantics of noun phrases;
– case, agreement, and “concord” at the syntax-morphology interface;
– roots, categorisers, and other building blocks of Extended Projections from a constructivist perspective;
– Neo-Davidsonian event semantics and event decomposition;
– the linguistic encoding of the theticcategorical distinction;
– the syntax of Uralic (esp. Finnish) and Romance (esp. Italian) languages.



  • PhD in Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London (2017-ongoing).
  • MA in Comparative Syntax and Semantics at the University of York (2016-2017)
    Thesis titled “The Syntax of Functional Adpositions: The Case of of.”
  • BA in Philosophy and Linguistics at the University of York (2013-2016)
    (First Class Honours with Distinction).
    Dissertation titled “Thetic Subject Inversion in Italian.”



I am a fluent speaker of English and Italian (my native language).
I have also been studying and working on Finnish and Korean.



Aside from linguistics, other things that really excite me include:
– anthropology (especially anthropology of religion);
– botany (I like all trees, not only syntax trees!) and zoology;
– philosophy (I have recently been trying to get my head around Heidegger’s Being and Time);
– physical geography and geology;
– worldbuilding and conlanging (I wouldn’t be a true linguistics geek otherwise).