2019. Finnish Numeral-Noun Constructions: Plural Marking Gone Haywire?
– At London Semantics Symposium 2019, Queen Mary University of London, 22 May.
– At LELPGC19, University of Edinburgh, 4-7 June.

2019. Pluralia Tantum: Their morpho-semantics and what they tell us about plurality. Joint talk with Tom Trigg at LELPGC19, University of Edinburgh, 4-7 June.



2019. The Life Cycle of Romance Demonstratives: Against a Low Merge Site. Talk in the Research Seminars in Linguistics and Cognition series, Università degli Studi di Siena, 16 April.

2019. Fijian Possession: “Polysynthesis” in the Noun Phrase. Joint talk with Margaret Wang at IGG 45, Università degli Studi di Padova, 21 February.
[Abstract & Handout: unabridged, abridged]

2018. Not So Low Demonstratives in Romance. Talk at LAGB 2018, University of Sheffield, 14 September.
[Abstract & handout]
(See above for a more recent version of this talk)

2018. Diagnosing Lexical and Functional Adpositions in English. Open Podium presentation at EGG Summer School 2018, Banja Luka, 9 August.

2018. Modification and Argument Introduction in the Noun Phrase. Talk at ConSOLE London 2018, UCL, 15 February.
[Slides & handout]

2018. Introducing Modifiers in the Noun Phrase. Talk at OASIS Workshop on Nominal Phrase Meaning, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin / ZAS, 11-12 January.
[Slides & handout available here]



2019. Lexical and Functional Adpositions: Charting the Divide. Poster presentation at ConSOLE 2019, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 23 February.

2018. English Prepositions across the Lexical-Functional Divide. Poster presentation at ACTL Summer School 2018, UCL, 27 June.



In prep. Not So Low Demonstratives in Romance.

Submitted. Introducing Arguments and Modifiers in the Noun Phrase.